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Michelle Calvert

Clinical Director

Clinical Psychotherapist UKCP

EMDR Practitioner

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Specialist EMDR Clinic for treatment of Psychological Trauma & PTSD. Surrey, London & Hampshire

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a type of psychotherapy. Working closely together at The Healing Space we diagnose, assess and treat your condition.

We care for your clinical needs and will support you to reaching full recovery and quality of life. We work with patients in Surrey, London and Hampshire.

EMDR treatment is recognised world wide by the medical profession as a revolutionary treatment for the long lasting reduction of the symptoms of psychological trauma. You can read Professional Colleague Testimonials to find out more about the effectiveness of treatment by Michelle.

Michelle is an expert in EMDR treatment for emergency service personnel with Post traumatic stress disorder.

Two former patients are Gemma and Sally Dowler, who sought treatment with Michelle after suffering from PTSD for years. Gemma has written a book called ‘My Sister Milly’ which is the first book of its kind to talk about the murder of a loved one and how EMDR treatment played a major role in recovery.

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The power of EMDR

“The help you have given me over the past couple of months has been immeasurable and the results so far have been profoundly moving. For the first time in eleven years I have felt a morsel of hope and have had the absolute joy of some memories breaking through”

Sally Dowler

See Michelle's piece in the appendix entitled: 'EMDR and Psychotherapy with Gemma' in 'My Sister Milly'

Michelle Calvert Clinical Psychotherapist and EMDR Clinical practitioner


I have been working with Michelle for a number of years and have been privileged to see the wonderful work she has done using EMDR with many of my patients with severe trauma. I rate her very highly

Dr Eileen Feeney


As an Occupational Physician I have referred many complex patients to Mrs Calvert and I have always found her to be extremely thorough and effective, in most cases leading to a full recovery.

Mrs Calvert specialises in trauma and EMDR; this is a service that very few psychotherapists can provide, and I believe Michelle is an expert in this area.

Dr Imtiaz Yusuf MBBS MFOM

Occupational Physician

I am a solicitor engaged in personal injury claim work. I was looking for local practitioners who could treat one of my clients who was suffering with quite severe symptoms resulting from a road traffic accident.

I looked at several therapy providers. Very fortunately I recommended to my client that she seek the help of Mrs Calvert. My client tells me today that she has been hugely helped by the course of therapy given

EMDR treatment for Surrey, London & Hampshire patients

Michelle is seeing patients from Surrey, London and Hampshire for treatments face to face all with COVID precautions.

The Healing Space has one clinic location in Ottershaw which has ample parking and is easily accessible from M25 and A3.

Michelle’s specialism is treatment of PTSD or any form of psychological trauma, OCD, road traffic accidents, divorce, medical, personal and sexual trauma.

The Healing Space specialist EMDR clinic provides intensive fast treatments and recovery programs. Why take months or years to recover when effective intensive treatments could take a matter of weeks?

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