Psychological Trauma

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is Exposure to an extreme stressor, such as:

• Witnessing a traumatic event
• Sudden unexpected death of a loved one
• Serious accident or natural disaster
• Marital betrayal/divorce


 Stands for Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing.

It is a revolutionary treatment for the rapid and lasting relief from PTSD and psychological trauma symptoms.

Michelle Calvert's Psychological Trauma Diagram. The Healing Space Surrey, London & Hampshire

Problems treated using EMDR therapy

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder



Sleep disorder

 Adjustment disorder

Grief and bereavement


Panic attacks

Anxiety attacks



Substance abuse

Self harm

Performance anxiety

Michelle Calvert's EMDR treatment diagram. The Healing Space Surrey, London & Hampshire

World wide recognition

I am  a fully accredited clinical EMDR Practitioner.

My accrediting body  EMDR UK and Ireland is part of EMDR Europe Association. It  has over 20,000 members across 26 countries making it by far the largest organisation for the treatment of psychological trauma.

EMDR is recognised world wide by the medical profession because it is an extremely successful procedure which does not use drugs or hypnosis.

EMDR is an excellent and effective treatment for the lasting reduction of symptoms following psychological trauma and PTSD. 

The NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR CLINICAL EXCELLENCE  GUIDELINES in UK recommends EMDR  psychotherapy for the treatment of Post traumatic stress.

How EMDR can transform you

Increase motivation

Develop your natural strengths and resources

Gain strength from your painful or challenging life and work experiences

Enhance confidence

Find a sense of peacefulness and calmness

Experience insight to develop your resilience for the future

EMDR is quick and effective

There are  4 main stages in EMDR therapy:

1) I will assess your psychological problem and check if you are ready for treatment. If so I will design you a treatment plan.

2) COPING SKILLS TRAINING. I will work with you to develop your coping skills to handle emotional distress and prepare you for the treatment.

3) THE EMDR TREATMENT. You will be in a comfortable chair or treatment couch. I use a light bar, headphones and hand sensors. The process of desensitisation removes associations associated with the traumatic memory.

4) REVIEW & ADJUSTMENT THERAPY. I will assess treatment progress and plan throughout.

EMDR is  very quick and effective. The number of sessions you need will depend on your problem. Most people need 12 EMDR sessions.

Should I have EMDR therapy?

Dr Eileen Feeney can assess and diagnose, offer advice and medical treatment. Michelle Calvert can assess and complete your Psychological trauma treatment plan.

Ask your GP for advice and details.

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