Patient Testimonials

The help you have given me over the past couple of months has been immeasurable and the results so far have been profoundly moving. For the first time in eleven years I have felt a morsel of hope and have had the absolute joy of some memories breaking through.

You do an incredible job, Michelle. You must never underestimate what you are able to do for people.”

Sally Dowler

“Michelle Calvert diagnosed and treated my OCD. Before my sessions with Michelle I was in a state of paralysis and fear and my work life and personal life were failing.  Thanks to Michelle’s treatment I can now manage the OCD completely and my life is improving all the time.”

James Webster

I came to see Michelle in the spring of 2014 after quite a traumatic experience. I could not stop re-living and thinking it was all going to go wrong and come back.

Initially I honestly didn’t think EMDR would help me as I had to go way back into my past and re-live things I didn’t want to and couldn’t understand how this would help.

Once things began to surface and I had to face things it all began to take shape and make sense. The constant watching of the lights take you back like in a film and it all plays out. The questions Michelle asks and coloured lights flashing in a sequence really help clarify things.

I had ten sessions with Michelle and from the crying mess I was in the start of my programme to the person I was when I finished was a total change I wont lie and say it was an easy transition it was strange and at times hard but I honestly think it helped me enormously having EMDR. it doesn’t make sense how flashing lights help the brain but little by little you mend, and YOU come back to YOU.

I am glad I had the chance to experience this and truly believe it helped me. Please give it a try I am sure it will help you too.

Michelle and EMDR are amazing.

Pam Holian

“The trauma of loosing my baby in childbirth was the worst time of my life. Working with EMDR with Michelle has helped me and my family from the horror of the bad memories . Now  we can grieve for our daughter and think about the future.”

Chloe Morris

“I have completely  recovered from OCD symptoms following my psychotherapy and EMDR  with Michelle. Before I began the therapy I thought I was a failing depressed looser, I didn’t realise the damage OCD  had caused  to every aspect of my life.”

Andre Heathcote

“Michelle Calvert saved my life.  She enabled me to save my life.  A beacon of professionalism, hope, and safety, she helped me to see myself as I truly am, as my trauma truly was, and to begin to heal from Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD).  Words fail me as I attempt to convey how this talented therapist guided me back to life, so perhaps sharing a brief glimpse at my therapeutic journey can be of assistance.  I will summarise it into three distinct phases:  reluctance, bud, and bloom.

My psychiatrist, the brilliant Dr. Eileen Feeney, had stated that she believed I was suffering from PTSD and asked me to contact her colleague, Ms. Michelle Calvert.  Dr. Feeney said that Ms. Calvert was very good and used EMDR therapy to help traumatised people.

The EMDR therapy provided by Michelle was a well-rounded, caring experience.  Michelle was careful, kind, trusting, non-judgmental, patient, and understanding.  These were the things I was unable to give to myself, and it was not until my experience with Michelle that I realised how much I needed them.  Perhaps they were the glue that could piece together some of the shattered fragments of my memory, mind, emotions, body, and soul.

I was recently sitting in my garden, contemplating the journey Michelle has enabled me to take towards being whole.  While looking up at the clear blue sky, admiring the fluffy white clouds, a magpie flew overhead.  As if seeing this curiously intelligent bird in flight for the first time, I noticed how the shimmering black feathers of her body transformed into luminescent white tips, a symbol of hope, of purity emerging, emanating unexpectedly from a solid mass of darkness.  Nothing but blue skies ahead, I thought.

It was then that I realized:  I am healing; I am the waterlily!  I am finally blooming.

Thank you, Michelle.”

Melissa Harvison, PhD Student

Professional Colleague Testimonials

“I have been working with Michelle for a number of years and have been privileged to see the wonderful work she has done using EMDR with many of my patients with severe trauma. I rate her very highly.”

Dr Eileen Feeney

“Dear Michelle,

As President of EMDR UK and Ireland I want to thank you on behalf of the Board for all the work you did with Sally Dowler to enable her to give such a moving, pertinent and humbling presentation at the EMDR Edinburgh 2014 conference in Edinburgh.

As you probably know by now her presentation was incredibly well received and evaluated by attendees at the conference, but what was also very clear from Sally was that the professionalism, compassion and expertise you enabled Sally to process her dreadful experiences and communicate her personal journey in a moving manner. This had a great impact on everyone listening to her.

I do not know if you are fully aware of what you have achieved in your collaborative work with Sally, likewise you may not appreciate how your work impacted those at the conference and offers other therapists an insight into the power and efficacy of EMDR.

The Board acknowledges and commends you for this.

I look forward to meeting you again at a later date.

Yours Sincerely”

Maeve Crowley, President EMDR UK and Ireland

“As an Occupational Physician I have referred many complex patients to Mrs Calvert and I have always found her to be extremely thorough and effective, in most cases leading to a full recovery.

Mrs Calvert specialises in trauma and EMDR; this is a service that very few psychotherapists can provide, and I believe Michelle is an expert in this area.”

Dr Imtiaz Yusuf MBBS MFOM

“I am a solicitor engaged in personal injury claim work. I was looking for local practitioners who could treat one of my clients who was suffering with quite severe symptoms resulting from a road traffic accident.

I looked at several therapy providers. Very fortunately I recommended to my client that she seek the help of Mrs Calvert. My client tells me today that she has been hugely helped by the course of therapy given.”

Andrew Cohen, W. Davies Solicitors

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